Who the fuck is Luther Blissett?


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I consider myself to be above the people downstairs.

In the search for extra-terrestrial life some scientists forget to wash their hair. At least that’s the message I am taking from this documentary.

My cat has not visited me for the past few days. Actually I don’t have a cat, but that explanation just seems too easy.

Flammable fumes can rise from the surface of alcohol-based perfumes. If you burn this it can produce perfume fume fumes.

Equal rights for the poor (but not equal rights to buy stuff).

Press any key to move a piece of plastic to a slightly lower altitude.

You are less likely to catch a disease from shaking hands with someone if they are left handed. Babies and old people are particularly at risk, and so should shake hands only with left-handed people.


Written by rubbernipple

August 28, 2011 at 6:59 pm

Posted in my own writing

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